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New Hospital



Since the client was the most modern general hospital in the region, it was necessary to develop the complete visual identity of the new private hospital under the name – NEW Hospital.


The goal was to communicate through branding both state-of-the-art equipment and expertise, as well as authenticity in a caring and dedicated approach to each patient.


We created a logo that was inspired by the most universal medical symbol – the cross, which we adapted in an authentic and elegant way.


From the perspective of form, the cross resembles a butterfly that symbolizes life, hope and rapid transformation. At the same time, associating with a man with outstretched hands – has a double symbolism – it represents the one who asks, but also the one who provides help.


Color palette

The colour palette consists of special shades of green, which symbolically denote health and well-being.


The secondary colours are black, white and grey.


The gradient can also be used as a separate graphic element, made up of a combination of Tea and Leaf colours.



Carefully chosen typography matches the brand’s values. The OMNES font looks very professional, while at the same time giving off a very positive and friendly impression with its rounded edges.



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